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Important Information to Protect Your Account

We have recently been alerted to a scam that has been targeting banks and credit unions across the country. The fraudsters have been able to contact members with the financial institutions real phone number appearing as caller ID.

PLEASE NOTE: CME Federal Credit Union would NEVER call you from 614.224.8890 to discuss Credit or Debit Card Fraud.

If you receive a call from this number, please hang up and call us at 888.224.3108 to verify and protect your account.

Below are more tips to protect yourself:

  • Never click on provided text or email links in any fraud alert you receive.
  • Never share your online or mobile banking password. CME would never ask for this information.
  • Never share your online or mobile banking username unless you initiated the outreach to CME and know with 100% certainty you are speaking with a CME representative.
  • Do not respond to requests for personal or financial information like your full Debit or Credit Card number, your PIN number, or your Social Security number.
  • If you receive a suspicious text, email or phone call please contact CME to confirm if the communication is legitimate.
  •  If you believe you have responded to a fraudulent text or email or provided someone with your personal information please contact CME right away so we can help secure your membership.

Thank you for being diligent in protecting your personal account information! If you have further questions or concerns, please use the toll free number above, email us at, or stop into any of our branch locations.