Personal Loans

Good is living within your budget. Great is knowing how to maximize its potential.

At CME, we offer a variety of loans that can help when your budget needs a little boost.

Holiday Loan

Need a little help with this year's holiday to do list?

  • Buy gifts, decorate your house, and eliminate holiday stress with a loan from CME Federal Credit Union
  • Only $105.48 per month for $1,200

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Personal Loans

A versatile, fixed-term loan:

  • Borrow for any good need: consolidate bills, finance a vacation, new computer or furniture
  • Terms up to 60 months
  • No collateral required

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EZ Line of Credit

An easy, flexible line of credit.

  • Tide yourself over until the next paycheck
  • Use as overdraft protection on your CME checking account
  • Borrow up to your credit limit, then pay interest only on the amount you actually borrow
  • No collateral required

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Consolidation Loans

Consolidation Loans are personal loans used to pay off multiple other loans and/or high-rate credit card debt. The advantage to these loans is they’ll have lower interest rates than the original debt, and allow the borrower to make only one lower payment per month instead of several.

We offer low rates and terms up to 48 months, so apply today and start saving money!

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Share-Secured & Certificate-Secured Loans

Borrow against money you have on deposit in a CME savings account or share certificate—as much in your account as the principal on the loan.

  • Receive a very low rate
  • A great way to begin building a credit history, or to rebuild damaged credit