ATM/Debit Cards

Good is a fast, easy, safe way to make your purchases. Great is earning cash back, too!

Great Card: The easiest way to pay

Your Great Card is faster and more convenient than checks. Just carry your Great Card instead of a checkbook…it’s a lot less bulky, and a lot less hassle in the checkout line. And it’s so much safer than carrying cash.

A checking account that pays YOU

With ez Money Checking, starting September 1st to the end of 2016, you get 14 cents cash back for all of your signature-based transactions when you swipe your Great Card!*

Get your Great Card now!

What do you need to get all the wonders of a CME Great Card?
A CME checking account is about all you need.

Sign up today through a CME Representative at 614.224.8890 or email.

Customize Your PIN

Members now have the ability to customize the PIN for their new ATM and Debit Cards. You must call 1-877-746-6746 and will be required to enter the “new” 16-digit card number and the Social Security Number of the cardholder.

PINs changes will become effective within 2 business days. Due to enhanced security, the PHONPIN service only allows 3 calls per day originating from the same phone number. On the fourth call-in attempt, you will receive an automated response instructing you to contact your financial institution. Please note that this service will allow Members to change PINs without previously activating the “new” cards.

Traveling with your Great Card?

Your cards are protected by a system that detects unusual patterns of activity and may block transactions unless you verify that the transaction is legitimate. It’s best to have your cell phone number listed as your primary number for your Check/ATM and credit cards to enable our security services to reach you.

If you notify CME of your travel dates and locations, we can note these plans on your account. This can help prevent phone calls requesting you to verify transactions throughout the duration of your trip.

Due to an increase in international counterfeit cards, CME has blocked card usage in many foreign countries, including India, Cuba, Cyprus, Cameroon, Morocco, Romania, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, North Korea, Nepal, Italy, and Lithuania. Please contact CME at 614-224-8890 or 1-888-224-3108 if you have travel plans involving one of these countries to ensure that you will have uninterrupted use of your CME debit or credit card.

*With $500 direct deposit, otherwise 10 cents per transaction.

**Conditional upon review of credit and other factors.