Overdraft Protection

Good is money in your checking account. Great is having a safety net.

Whether you need it just to tide you by to your next paycheck or to be a little spontaneous, CME offers a variety of ways to build yourself the safety net you want.

Deposit account

  • Designate a savings or money market account as your backup account. 
  • Want to avoid the fee? Use CMEbyPhone or CME@Home to transfer the money.
  • Some restrictions: You can't link to your IRA or Christmas Club, and government regulation limits you to 6 transfers of this type per month per linked account.

EZ Line of Credit

  • Line of credit that automatically gets tapped to cover any overdrafts.
  • No collateral required
  • Nominal fee for automatic transfer, which can be avoided by transferring funds via CME@Home or CMEbyPhone

Get Added Protection from SafetyNet Plus!

Ever been at the grocery store and realized you may not have enough in your checking account? Were you relieved when the transaction went through? You experienced the SafetyNet!

SafetyNet provides peace of mind when you are low on funds. With SafetyNet you avoid additional fees from returned checks or the inconvenience of having an important debit-card transaction declined.

Sign up for SafetyNet Plus Today!

For questions, contact a CME Representative at 614.224.8890 or email.