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A Health Savings Account works in conjunction with a qualifying health insurance plan to save you money on your health insurance and health expenses.

  • Investment options available! (Member must maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in their CME HSA). Click here for more info
  • Save money tax-free so long as the funds are used to pay for qualifying medical expenses. In most cases, you can save as much as your High-Deductible Health Plan deductible amount
  • No set-up fee or annual fee
  • CME offers a high interest rate!
  • Works just like a checking account…use a CME card to make your qualifying purchases
  • Pay for deductibles, copays, prescriptions and much more!
  • Rolls over year after year, so if you don’t spend it on health expenses in a given year, it stays in your account for next year!
  • Use your HSA card for qualified medical expenses, learn more about what qualifies here and here.
  • If the money in your HSA has not been spent by the time you reach age 65, it can be withdrawn like IRA funds. So it grows tax-free

After you reach age 65, use your HSA as you have been for medical expenses, tax free! However, if you choose to take funds out for another reason, you pay taxes on the disbursement, just no penalty tax.

Have more questions about HSAs? Check out our FAQ here.

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I switched from Fifth Third to CME for the following reasons:
At the time I switched, Fifth Third’s web interface was really limited - it didn’t have the ability to do electronic bill pay. Getting checks wasn’t easy. CME’s web interface is great - lots of functions including electronic bill pay. I can send a check directly from the web to a doctor - that wasn’t available on Fifth Third’s site and I think that is a minimum function for a web interface.

For me, Fifth Third’s customer service was dreadful. You couldn’t go into a Fifth Third branch to have an actual person handle things because Fifth Third didn’t run their HSA business through the branches. You could only do HSA banking over the phone. My experience led me to believe that HSA servicing was clearly not a priority for Fifth Third.

CME’s customer service is terrific - over the phone and in-person. I like credit unions over big banks. Banks need to make a profit on all aspects of their business - they give service and charge fees accordingly to keep costs low and revenue high. Credit unions are non-profit and are less likely to nickel-and-dime with fees.

CME is a local business and they have contributed to the Worthington Education Association Scholarship Fund. I want to support businesses that are local and give back.

CME has a branch relatively close to my work on High Street north of Henderson Road.

Mark Hill President, Worthington Education Association