HSA, IRA & Certificates

Share Certificates 

Share Certificates can offer a high yield on deposits at CME. They're a safe and surprisingly versatile addition to any savings program. 

  • Terms ranging from 3 to 84 months
  • Open with just $500 ($250 for youth accounts)
  • Add-to your certificate (see below) without extending maturity
  • The more you save, the more you earn with our tiered rates
  • Penalties assessed for withdrawals prior to maturity

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Add to your Certificate
You can add to your CME certificate anytime you want while maintaining the term. With Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit, you can add $50 or more to your certificate. Using cash or check, you can add $250 or more.

Add to certificates without extending maturity by $50 with Direct Deposit or $250 with cash or check.

Bump-Up Certificates
  • Lock into a higher return if rates increase.
  • On the 18-month Bump-Up Certificate you can adjust the rate once during the term
  • On the 30-month Bump-Up Certificate, you can adjust the rate twice during the term

Health Savings Account

A HSA works in conjunction with a qualifying health insurance plan to save you money on your health insurance and health expenses.

  • Save money tax-free so long as the funds are used to pay for qualifying medical expenses. In most cases, you can save as much as your High-Deductible Health Plan deductible amount
  • No set-up fee or annual fee
  • CME offers a high interest rate!
  • Works just like a checking account...use a CME card to make your qualifying purchases
  • Pay for deductibles, copays, prescriptions and much more!
  • Rolls over year after year, so if you don't spend it on health expenses in a given year, it stays in your account for next year!
  • If the money in your HSA has not been spent by the time you reach age 65, it can be withdrawn like IRA funds, so it grows tax-free

After you reach age 65, use your HSA as you have been for medical expenses, tax free! However, if you choose to take funds out for another reason, you pay taxes on the disbursement, just no penalty tax.

CME HSA Testimonial

"I switched from Fifth Third to CME for the following reasons:
At the time I switched, Fifth Third's web interface was really limited - it didn't have the ability to do electronic bill pay. Getting checks wasn't easy. CME's web interface is great - lots of functions including electronic bill pay. I can send a check directly from the web to a doctor - that wasn't available on Fifth Third's site and I think that is a minimum function for a web interface.
For me, Fifth Third's customer service was dreadful. You couldn't go into a Fifth Third branch to have an actual person handle things because Fifth Third didn't run their HSA business through the branches. You could only do HSA banking over the phone. My experience led me to believe that HSA servicing was clearly not a priority for Fifth Third. CME's customer service is terrific - over the phone and in-person.
I like credit unions over big banks. Banks need to make a profit on all aspects of their business - they give service and charge fees accordingly to keep costs low and revenue high. Credit unions are non-profit and are less likely to nickel and dime with fees.
CME is a local business and they have contributed to the Worthington Education Association Scholarship Fund. I want to support businesses that are local and give back.
CME has a branch relatively close to work on High Street north of Henderson Road.”
Mark Hill, President
Worthington Education Association

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Saving for retirement can seem daunting, but at CME, we have options to help make it easier. Whether you're saving for a comfortable retirement or a loved one's college education, CME offers a full range of insured IRA products to help you prepare for a bright future.

Check out Retirement Central

Through Retirement Central and in the comfort and privacy of your home, you can open your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), manage it, and connect with IRA Specialists - all through online connections. Retirement Central has educational articles on IRAs and retirement planning tools, risk analyzers, investment options and the forms you need to complete your transactions.

Choose your account

IRA Share Account
A great way to get started!
  • Earn dividends on balances over $50
  • Monthly compounded dividends, at the highest rate of any of our share accounts
  • Use Payroll Deduction to add to your IRA automatically every paycheck

IRA Share Certificate
  • Open with just $500, and enjoy the benefits of the higher earning potential of a Certificate
  • Terms from 3 to 60 months
  • Add to your certificate at any time—$50 minimum if by Direct Deposit or $250 minimum by cash or check
  • Bump-Up Certificates available, which allow you to lock in at a higher rate once during an 18-month certificate or twice during a 30-month certificate

For complete safety and security, these CME deposit accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 per member by NCUA and another $250,000 by ESI, a private share insurer. That's a total of $500,000 per member!

Choose your IRA

Traditional IRA
If you're not covered by a pension or retirement plan at work, a Traditional IRA may allow you to not only save for your retirement, but save on your taxes as well. If you're eligible, you may be able to:
  • Contribute up to $5500 per year (and those with a non-working spouse may also contribute up to $5500 per year to an IRA owned by the non-working spouse). Those over 50 are eligible for an additional $1000 catch-up contribution.  
  • Not pay any taxes on these contributions or their earnings until you withdraw them at retirement. This is a good deal because most people are in a lower tax bracket at retirement time than when they're working.
  • Make your deductible contributions as late as April 15 of the following year! So if you didn't get started before the end of the year, you have some extra time.

Please consult your tax adviser to make sure you are eligible.

Roth IRA
If you're eligible, a Roth offers several benefits:
  • No current-year tax deduction for contributions...but:
  • Your savings grow tax-free, which means there are no taxes due on withdrawals at retirement
  • Contribute up to $5500 per year (and those with a non-working spouse may also contribute up to $5500 per year to an IRA owned by the non-working spouse). Those over 50 are eligible for an additional $1000 catch-up contribution. 
  • Those age 50 or better may also deposit $1,000 per year over the maximum contribution amount

Income restrictions apply, so check with your tax adviser or financial planner to see if a Roth IRA is right for you.

Coverdell Education Savings Account (Education IRA)
A Coverdell ESA works much like a Roth IRA. If eligible, you receive some great benefits.
  • Contribute up to $2,000 per child per year
  • No deduction for your contribution...but:
  • Your earnings grow tax free, so there's no tax upon withdrawal if you use the proceeds for any qualifying primary, secondary or post-secondary educational expense. Some examples include tuition, books, fees, tutoring, room and board, school uniforms and more.

Again, be sure to check with your tax adviser to make sure you're eligible.

Insured Savings
All CME savings accounts and certificates are insured up to a combined total of $500,000. The National Credit Union Administration provides $250,000 of federal coverage on basic accounts as well as retirement accounts. The additional $250,000 coverage is provided by Excess Share Insurance, a private share insurer.