Youth Accounts

Good is teaching your kids the value of a dollar. Great is helping them develop money management habits that will last a lifetime.

Teaching your children about money is crucial to helping them become fiscally fit. We have a variety of tools that can help you talk to your children about money, how to budget, how to save, and how to invest. 

Here are some of the programs we have to help children 

get into the savings habit:

Dollar Dog, ages 0-12
Dollar Dog is a special program for children ages 0-12 and includes many benefits such as games, contests, a membership card, a savings passbook, access to the Dollar Dog website, and no minimum balance required to earn dividends!

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Cha-Ching, ages 13-17

Cha Ching is the perfect way to educate teens about good spending and saving habits. 

They'll get solid money management tools that you can supervise, and have some fun with their own personalized website. Includes Savings Account, $250 minimum on Certificates and access to CME@Home!

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 Learning materials:

 Looking for a good source of financial education materials? Look no further!

 Visit Money And Stuff, a unique financial education initiative by Ohio's Credit Unions.

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