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CME is committed to enhancing the service experiences of our member and want to know how we did! Send us a message, we want to hear from you! We believe in Banking That Has Your Back and want to know your story! Feel free to complete the form below and submit a testimonial!

Kim was a rockstar helping me get a loan setup, as well as onboarding me as a new member. Absolutely the easiest financial transaction I’ve done in years. If you’re looking for a new credit union, mortgage, car or motorcycle loan or any other financial need, you owe it to yourself to just call CME Federal Credit Union in Westerville, Ohio and ask for Kim. You’ll be impressed.

Matt Dillon

I have been banking with CME for the last two years and have had nothing but a great experience. My most recent experience was with Stephanie A, Lilley, Assistant Branch Manager at the Pickerington Branch. Stephanie was very professional. She went above and beyond to ensure I received the best product and service…not only did she refinance my loan and lowered my payments, because of my good credit, Stephanie offered me a lower interest on an existing loan plus offered me a signature loan to pay off my three credit cards. She later called me to let me know that she could lower my interests on my existing Mastercard. You should definitely be proud to know that you have great people such as Stephanie working with CME.

Allison Braham

We bank at the Westerville CMEFCU branch and have been members for several years. We have savings, checking, loan(s), and credit card with CME. Gary has additional accounts with his business also. CME has to be one of the friendliest and customer service-oriented organizations we have had the experience of working with. Gary is at the bank nearly every day with his business making deposits, transfers and payments and always encounter a smile, a “how are you today” and the help we need. The staff is always helpful! (And by the way the telephone staff has always been the same - friendly and helpful - when the need has been there (applying for a new car loan, checking a balance, etc). I will also mention that, a couple of years ago, Gary had a job that took a couple of days to complete so he didn’t make his daily stop at the Westerville branch and we received a personal call at home to make sure he was ok! What great customer service! It meant a lot to us! Thank you CMEFCU!

Dinah G. Geschke

It’s time for me to testify! Kim and CME Federal Credit Union have given me a feeling of relief that I haven’t had in over 5 years. I was in such a need of financial assistance after my daughter was killed in our home and as a result of the disclosure clause prevented me to close on any of the seven (7) contracts that I entered into for the sale of my home, which in turn caused me to lose my home. From that point on I was in a downward spiral and saw no way of rising and being able to breathe normally again.

I was blessed to have met Sallie at our Health Fair and started telling her how in most cases people who need the most help are unable to get it due to their credit rating or various other reasons. I briefly told her my story and to my surprise, I received a call from Kim within 48 hours. Kim put in so much time working with me to help me solve my issues, and with CME’s help, I truly believe that an Angel had been sent my way. I have never felt as much sincerity and honesty from any bank or financial service provider in my entire life. My whole outlook on life has changed for the better because of Sallie and most significantly Kim. I will never go anywhere else. I am a true CME member for life!!!

Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I can breathe again!!!


CME was respectful, answered all my questions. It's been 30 years since my last purchase so from my lack of exposure to the industry I was a little impatient for information. Now realizing the process I can appreciate the timeline of everything.

Columbus Fire Dept. Lt. Stephen Hennosy - Member since 1958

Pickerington’s Branch Manager Julie Deck says that Sean is a “very happy member!” Thank you for being a CME member!

Sean Oro

The staff is always so friendly and very helpful, especially the Westerville office. I’ve been with CME for at least 9 years and am looking forward to doing even more great business with them in the future

Yolando Ecklin

Josh’s new turntables and equipment arrived today and he’s like a kid on Christmas morning. Has it out to play with and everything. The loan from you guys is the only way he was ever going to be able to take this next step in elevating his DJ career. Thanks from all of us at the League who are cheering him on.

Josh Pridon

Brenda was a referral from her cousin, Tammy who works closely with Branch Manager, Matt Steinke. Brenda was very appreciative that CME was able to take her auto loan rate from 6.25% to 3.65% and get her setup with GAP!

Brenda Linley

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