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Wire deposits can be made to your CME Federal Credit Union savings, checking, money market, and other deposit accounts.* Incoming wires are also accepted for mortgages and other loans. CME can only receive incoming domestic wire transfers. Incoming international wires are NOT accommodated.


1. Contact the other financial institution to initiate an electronic wire transfer to your CME Federal Credit Union account.

2. Please provide the following:

  • Receiving Institution: CME Federal Credit Union
  • Receiving ABA/Routing Number: 244 077 255
  • Address: 150 E. Mound St, Suite 100 Columbus OH 43215
  • Beneficiary: Member Name
  • Beneficiary Account Number: Member Account Number

Incoming funds are processed upon receipt and are posted to the account that business day if received prior to 5:30p.m. (EST). If funds are not received before the cut-off time, they will be posted the next business day. Your CME account will be assessed a fee to receive an incoming wire transfer. Refer to the current CME Services Fees for additional information.

*Additional information is required when crediting a wire transfer to an IRA or HSA. CME must be notified whether the transaction reflects a normal contribution or if it is a direct transfer from another financial institution