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About Apprisen

Apprisen is a non-profit organization committed to your financial well-being. For over 60 years, they’ve been helping, empowering, and motivating people along their financial journey. They do this through financial education, financial coaching, community outreach and counseling. They help with every aspect of personal finance, with a focus on debt management. They provide free one-on-one sessions to collaborate on brainstorming achievable solutions to fit every individuals’ unique financial situation, regardless of what stage of their financial life they’re in. It’s financial wellness, tailored specifically for you.

How do we partner?

Apprisen & CME work together to help you build your financial health. As our non-profit partner, Apprisen can work with you individually to help you build a budget, manage debt and understand your credit. Together, we have a wealth of resources and products to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Evergreen Resources:

Fritter Finder

Savings Goal Worksheet

Featured Resource (updated monthly):

Loss Of Income: Make Your Cash Go Further

Crisis Resources:

  1. Dealing with Debt In a Crisis Video:
  2. Grocery Shopping Tips That’ll Help Maintain Your Budget:
  3. How to Create & Maintain an Emergency Budget:
  4. Ways to Cope with Crisis-Related Financial Stress Infographic:


Connect with Apprisen

Call: 800.355.2227

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Instagram: @apprisenempowers